We are touched daily by our team members and fans!

"I loved the sample I should have ordered one….. my husband loves smarties so I can’t wait to try that one…😊 I haven’t had any beFragrant for awhile and let me tell you lesson learned, Ken has been having really bad headaches and his nose has just been on fire thought it was a post Covid symptoms but I was burning random scents from the grocery stores as well, then it dawned on me that’s what had to be causing his symptoms Omgosh I quit burning for a week, ordered beFragrant and he hasn’t had a headache and his nose is fine. Those other scents are so toxic it’s crazy.  Thank you for these toxic free

-Hallie P.

"Received my order and am blown away by the quality of both the warmers and the soy melts! Thank you!"

- Deb M.

"I ordered from autumn roach off of her facebook page. autumn is very profesional and nice. any question i had she was there for me.  thank you"

- Justin H.

"Happy Friday Denise,
 I wanted to give you an update on how well I am promoting your products. My Facebook page beFragrant by Autumn Roach has over 90 likes and followers since starting November 12th! I have had several questions and even 1 review so far. There are a few that plan on buying this weekend. My goal is to make the page fun and exciting while promoting your wonderful products.
I received the box today and the samples! Thank you and GOD bless you. This will help me.
My goal; to move up to sales. Right now, I am scent ambassador as soon as I feel positive that I can get sales, I will move up. I am praying that I can put this in full time. Please pray for this as well for me.
I hope you have a great weekend. Thank you for being so engaged with me."

- Autumn R.

"Oh if I was close I would hug you all.  I got my back office up now my new link is working and new posts have been sent to future customers and will get cards made once money starts flowing in.  You are all the best ever, that's why I love this company and my beFragrant family."

- Lisa E.

“I’m addicted! But I don’t need an intervention; swear❤️”

- Amira M.

“I won a spray and some melts (still have some of the spray lol--used it today). But it was those melts that made me fall in LOVE with beFragrant. 🙂 I loved the Boogie-man beGone for my kids, but the melts lasted sooooo long I couldn't deny them. I missed the vendor show/direct sales scene after leaving PR, and this was the ONLY company I had ever considered joining. and here I am, just a little over a year and a half later. 😀”

- Penny C.

“My box came today...the people at the post office asked me what was in it! It smelled heavenly!”

- Cheryl

“The wonderful thing about having my scent testers is that I can truly tell you the scents put in beFragrant soy wax products and sprays are true to their name and wonderful!!!”

- Nancy S.

“I wear clip in hair extensions and went to a BBQ Saturday with a backyard fire ...sprayed them with Lady Boss room spray and the fire smell is gone!!!”

- Rachel R.

“OMG!! Everything smells amazing!! This is the best Spring/Summer collection ever!! Great job 😁”

- Chelsea K.

“Hello, I received my order today!! Thank you so much, I love it all so much. That was the perfect warmer for me because I love all arrow stuff. I'm so excited to introduce these amazing products to other people. All the scents smell amazing ! And thank you so much for your support it means so much!”

- Brandi N.

"Hello, I am so excited to be an ambassador for your company. I found you online after searching for direst selling companies. I sold Scentsy for four years and became increasingly frustrated trying to meet my PRV every quarter and finally cut the ties. I missed the scents and making my own samples and sharing with family and friends so when I found you it was a very nice surprise!!!! I look forward to working with you and knowing that I do not have to meet a quota takes all the stress out of selling and puts loads of fun in it!!! Be Blessed,

- Mary S.

"Hi Ms Denise , I wanted to thank you so much for the sample care kit!!!!! It made it here to Louisiana today!!!!there were so many samples !!! I actually already placed an order for the melts!!! I'm trying the product as we speak!!! I love how the samples smell!!! Again I appreciate you sending me these samples !!!! No other company would have that much faith in their product where they would send you samples!!!! And the hand written thank you was icing on the cake!!! Wow!!!! I'm a wax fanatic just so you know!!!! So anytime you need to test a new scent , I'm your guy!!! Lol Thanks again!!!!!!!! Have a awesome weekend!!! Will from the Bayou State!"

- Will M.

"This is just one of the many reasons I know I joined the right company when I chose befragrant. Today I went and got my mail and had something I wasn't expecting come. I open it to find this keychain that is personalized with my befragrant website. On the invoice inside it had a note saying " Congratulations Michele on reaching your Level 1 Fast Start! We're proud of you! Denise & befragrant Corporate Team" This company really is amazing! Denise goes above and beyond. I feel very fortunate to be a part of such an amazing company. Thank you so much! "

- Michele M.

"Denise, OMG, the rooms spray is better than your candles! How is this possible? My son asked me how I got the house to smell like a high end department store. All the sprays are wonderful. They even hide the scent of my cats.... Happy New Year to you and yours,"

- Susan H.‎

"Hi Denise, You will never remember me BUT I was a founding distributor with you and your wonderful company. My husband died at the same time and I was unable to do a thing for a very long time. Anyway, today I was smelling my favorite candle of all time that I have melted hundreds of times and it still has that wonderful scent COOL CITRUS BASIL that I just love and I wanted to see if you were still in business. I am delighted that you are. I have seen so many companies come and go. Anyway, so good to see you are still around and selling the best candles I have ever smelled. Merry Christmas,"

- Susan H.‎

"Good Morning! I received my package in the mail and fell in love with beFragrant! So question for you ...Can I sign up as a consultant?"

- Lindsay F.‎

"Good morning Denise! Thank you so much for making my kit look so beautiful! I love that box that it came in!"

- Dana L.‎

"These are the most amazing melts and sprays. I can't wait to buy more and start giving these as gifts. This season's sent are to die for!!! "

- Shannon P. J.‎

"Seriously adore my company, I posted a sad status that not only was our car going to the grave yard but that I was losing my business logo which we just adhered late July early August... Queen Bee's Husband (or Queen D as he referred to her, her name is Denise) Seriously offered to replace my logo decal at no cost What Company DOES THIS? beFragrant a really AMAZING ONE that's what company! I darn near broke down in tears seeing that. "

- AnnaMarie S.

"What a GREAT company this is!!! I've had a rough time with family issues before and since I started with BeFragrant...I was a JIC Executive Director and LOVED their products! Besides for the amazing $59 kit I purchased to start with you, I recently bought many summer scents that were phasing out for Fall/winter scents and recently purchased those Fall/winter scents!! OMG!!! These scents are AMAZING, and without melting or burning I can smell their wonderful scents, rooms away!!! My JIC customers are going to LOVE BeFragrant as much as I do!! The very reasonable prices versus "All that glitter" they were paying for with other company is mind blowing! And Denise, you are the most personable Owner/CEO I have ever had the pleasure of doing business with!!! #ILoveGoBefragrant ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ This will all be posted in my new BeFragrant group in the coming days! I am under Beth and her Reach for the stars group...you better believe I'll be reaching for the stars 🌟🌟🌟😘😘😘 "

- -Mancene S.

"OMG! I got my kit today and felt like a kid in a candy store! I am soooooo freaking excited!!!!! I was shocked at how nice and what I got."

- Beth W.

"My wax came today...all smell so great...please tell your owner that I really appreciate the nice touch of putting in the free sample...I got serendipity this time..can't wait to melt cause it smells really good."

- Cindy M.

"Good morning everyone. I just wanted to share this really fast. This is what my mom sent me last night. She really loves our products. She said that our Black Raspberry Vanilla smells way better than the "S" company. Hands down, she said she won't be ordering from the "S" company anymore. 😮"

- Christine C.

"Got my kit...is it wrong to hug the box all the goodies are in? Love the box and the scents are amazing! Let my husband smell Cup of Jo, and sorry to use this name, but his exact words were, "They sure have JIC beat" ❤

- Beth N.

"Eekk!! I have been waiting all day. This box is AMAZING.GORGEOUS. a personal letter to. I have never been with a company that has made me feel so welcomed. I am so excited for this new journey. 🙂"

- Christine C.

"I just love beFragrant! I had some scentsy left so I was trying to use up what I had. Put it on and the first thi go realized is that there is coloring in it. It also gives me headache, so I may pass it on to someone else and happily stick to beFragrant. Looking forward to putting in another order."

- Robin B.

"Good morning Denise! I'm so excited for you with all of the growth beFragrant is receiving this last week! The products you make are amazing and it's about time they are getting the recognition they deserve! beFragrant is going to blow up, and even though I'm not as active as I'd hoped I'm so happy to be apart of this company and get to witness all the growth! Hope you and your family have an amazing 4th of July!"

- Chrissy R.

"My fiance ordered me some melts on May 28th. And I received them today. And I could smell them without opening the box. The smell of all of them together smells like I am backing a pie in the oven. I ordered Apple Spice, Birchwood, French Vanilla, Lavender Escape, Sandalwood, and Sweet Pea Vanilla. I have never in my life smelt melts smell this good. Lisa Ann Elkins thank you hun for giving John Brown and I the opportunity to order. I cant wait to get my warmer cleaned out to I can put one of my new pretty smell good items in it."

- Dorothy M.

"I'm so excited to get this party started! I had been searching for a direct sales company that was unique, and while searching one day a couple weeks ago I found you! I believe that site was WAHM. I looking into the company about 3-4 times and sat on it, then decided I needed to see the product myself... well that was sinker! I fell in LOVE and that's how I got here!"

- Ashley K.

"Just got a new batch of sample tarts in the mail! All of our newest scents and OMG, they are amazing!! I love them all!"

- Randy Joe W.

"Stacy S. this is the very first time that both my husband and son have made a comment about something smelling good. And I really do mean the first time!!!" 😍😍😍😍"

- Stacy S.

"Ok, I'm one of those people who if I'm going to sell something, I want to have compared our stuff. So I must say our sprays are hands down the best. I have ordered 2 other companies all natural sprays to compare, and ours are the best. They are water and a fragrance. They don't work. So I'm totally so much more in love with ours. Because you have to have an experience to back up why we are the best, and ours are less expensive too!"

- Susan J.

"I so respect and love Miss Denise. She truly wants us all to succeed and understands that we all have families and "real life." Unlike many other companies, she'll spend hours supporting us. What a blessing!"

- Lois M-S

"Thank you for creating such an awesome company and not looking at us as just #'s and allowing us to be our own boss!"

- Susan J.

"I got my new kit :) it's so amazing"

- Lisa M.

"I would like to personally thank Denise & my beFragrant Family for helping me modify our Fundraiser program so that I was able to host it online to help an old friend in time of need.."

- Stacy S.

"I love these so much! Hot Fudge Brownie smells divine and I'm not usually one for sweet scents 😍😍 Thanks Denise!"

- Brittany M.

"Denise just want you to know I thank you for being an amazing person ! I love this company and will continue to work my hardest ! Your email had me crying !"

- Deb M.

"Good Morning everyone....I just have to post this!!! Three days ago I got my kit, I simply LOVE it!! My husband was sitting here when I opened it. I pulled out the blueberry scented tarts and he told me to open it. I proceeded to open it and put it in a burner-three days ago- and just today he walked by and still raved how it STILL has a slight aroma!!! I got orders from him to order another set of that....naturally on payday i told him- he said use my sample and on payday to replace it lol....Now- take into view- this is the man who NEVER promoted another company I ever sold for out of 40 years! When ever anyone ask him what I sold, he just said he didn't get into my affairs- last night with a group, he did nothing but brag bout this stuff!!! Denise...this is an AWESOME company and thank you for letting me get into it!!!!!!"

- Rose H.

"This is the best DS company out there...I love this company and Denise Petersen totally rocks....she's awesome ;)"

- Louis P.

"Thank you for building an amazing company with great ethics... I'm honored to be apart of the beFragrant family!"

- Angel S.

"I am so amazed with my tart! I have had them running non stop since I got my kit and it still smells great! I am so glad I switched over. I used to make candles until all my customers left me for #. So I will admit I have sold # and * also but these are great. Like really great! And my husband didn't know I had a candle (Birchwood ) blown out, he walked behind me and grabbed it and poured wax all over his hand. He started freaking out, then said Hey, it didn't burn me! He is in love! Patty Mitchelotti I can't say thank you enough for introducing me to this company"

- Susan J.

"Oh my scents! I got my kit today! I have sold for a soy candle company and the S company, and this kit is the best! Ever!!!!! So excited!!! And I finally get to have a sweet orange and chili pepper. That elusive exclusive awards only smell. AND NOW ITS ALLLLL MINE! Lol"

- Susan J.

"❌⭕️❌⭕️! I must say this is by far the best DS company I have worked for ❤️"

- Stacy S.

"Denise Petersen I want to go on record and say I love beFragrant and appreciate you all so much. You know what true customer service is all about and you put your people first. That means so much. Thank you!! Other DS companies need to take lessons. Have a Blessed rest of your day."

- Tammy T.

"But I so have to tell you the box I got today OMG!!!! My house smells amazing where I store them."

- Kriss S.

"OMG!!! GIRL!!! Woke up this morning and my house!!!!!!! Smells Amazeballs!!!!!!!!."
- Shelli G.

"I can NOT get over these amazing products! beFragrant offers the highest quality soy in the industry. No other soy company offers NON GMO- Kosher certified and most do not have FDA approved! We do NOT have any novelties, ONLY quality soy!! The owner Denise Petersen is the most awesome lady you'll ever have the honors of working with! Denise goes way above to make beFragrant the BEST!!! Lmao sorry Denise Petersen for tagging you - BUT your company and YOU ROCK!!!!!!!"

- T.

"beFragrant is amazing. 100% Soy wax, no dyes, no paraffins, body and kid safe. Denise Reed Petersen the founder is amazing to work with. She cares about her consultants. Please check us out if you haven't already."

- Suzanne M.

"They are amazing! I'm still using the same single wax from when our order came in! Smell great, last forever. Crystal H."

- Crystal H.

"Come one come all. I am not going to lie, I don't usually like going to these type of things, but after I bought the products, I swear by them. I have waxes not even being melted, just chillin in my house, and I can still smell them. And not only do they smell great, they are soy based and CHEAP! You are not obligated to order anything so come and drink some free wine, eat some snacks and check out some great products for yourself! And just maybe you will find a great Christmas present for a special friend."

- Julie M.

"I got the enrollment kit last night and oh my goodness! They all smell so good!! My mom, sister and myself were in heaven with all the scents!!"

- Samantha C.

"What woman (or guy) doesn't want to walk into their home and have it smell like something they want to devour ?? beFragrant Home Parties just hooked me up with delicious, sexy and fun scents! I can't wait to open up the next!"

- Denae R.

"Going absolutely crazy over my beFragrant scents!!! Why didn't I do this sooner? My house smells fantastic! And the clever names are so fun. I love opening a new package! Thank You beFragrant Home Parties !!!!"

- Denae R.

"I am thrilled that I can't seem to keep stock in but at the same time it would be nice to have a little bit on hand lol, but I'll take having to keep ordering it just shows business is growing and going great."

- Chrissy F.

"I seriously love our BeFragrant HomeParties owners! They really care about the products and us! The owner Denise Reed Petersen just messaged me with the weather report for where I live! Lol I didn't even know what the weather is like but she watches the weather everywhere so that she makes sure to ship our amazing products at the best time so they don't sit in the heat on my porch! That is true dedication to each and every order!"

- Chrissy R.

"Only thing I use in my house. Everything else smells off or gives me headaches."

- Ann C.

"Amazing! That's the best way to describe beFragrant! I put the cake pop one in the warmer and my husband thought I was making a cake....tricked him: ) "

- Delicia

"I have Pink Chiffon in my warmer in the living room and bathroom and it smells heavenly. I used to sell Pink Zebra last year and I can personally tell you their sprinkles never a good scent throw like these. I am amazed!"

- Sandra

"I love getting my orders in it feels like Christmas every time :0) I absolutely love the new cucumber melon!!! I might just have a new favorite!! Thank you Denise for the special little touches that help make BeFragrant so unique!!"

- Steffany H.

"My favorite thing has to be some of the names we have. That got me for sure. I do have to add my husband has bad allergies and it is difficult for me to burn candles or melts in the house. He has no issues with our products. When my starter kit arrived I was told "leave everything on the dining room table, it doesn't bother my allergies, finally something we can enjoy"

- Kerri H.

“I can't say enough great things about Denise or beFragrant! I have been with several DS companies and I have always felt that I had to exaggerate the company.. Product..or customer service...knowing that eventually the customer will have an issue somewhere down the line and dreading the outcome! I don't feel any of that here!!! I have never had a company ask for your input.. Or take the time to talk with you personally one on one to coach you or answer questions.. Or just to chit chat!! The personal touches that are added to each and every order and time taken to ensure everything is perfect..raises the bar for every other DS company out there!!! So thankful to be a part of this amazing opportunity and so very grateful to Denise and the rest of the BeFragrant team!! I can't wait to officially welcome you to the beFragrant family!!!”

- Steffany H.

“I just wanted to throw in my support for beFragrant. I am in love with this company, the products, the team, everything. I have gotten so much positive feedback from friends, family, customers, etc. It's exciting to tell people 
about this awesome new company!”

- Jami S.

“I love this company! The people are awesome to work with and the products are amazing!. Long lasting scents and the air in my home is not toxic as with other waxes that I have burned in the past.”

- Debra T

“I love beFragrant and love the non-toxic, USA made, 100% soy (yes the others can say "soy" but that doesn't mean they are 100% soy, catchy trick right?, boo!), in the US, by the US, for the US! Small business that listens to the 
consultants you don't get those very often!”

- Lynne C.

“I love opening my box from befragrant, cause there is always that sweet letter from denise with her personal touch and every order she makes sure she hand writes thank you for your order always makes me feel like I made the right choice of coming over to befragrant. Like a few days ago I woke up feeling bad and my morning started off bad and got the box and open it and instead of looking at the tarts and melts I found myself looking for your letter or your thank 
you comments and yes, it put a smile on my face. lol"

- Theresa B.

"Got my order in today and as always it was packed perfectly, nothing broke and was all there and on time!!! This is one of the greatest things about beFragrant except for the people and the products and the great reveals we get from corporate! I love this company! Thanks Denise Reed Petersen you are so awesome!"

- Debra T.

"I am happy to report that I am a part of the family that is beFragrant. I can say definitively that the leadership/ownership care (with a Capital C - A - R E) they encourage and support every single Consultant on the team with their differences in order to have a diverse team of supporting Consultants. I've been fortunate enough to be able to interface with the leadership and they are open, accepting and they do something that to me is critical, the listen. The timing is amazing for this company, there are a few states left without any representatives at all, but that won't be the case for long, jump in now. Support and encourage those around you to buy USA, buy small business and watch an amazing and supportive company grow giving hope and encouragement that the American dream is alive and well, it's happening now, with beFragrant. I'm honored to be able to be a part and you should too! Contact a Consultant (or me) today!"

- Lynne C.

"Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh'!!! I got no shipping email but my kit arrived today!!! That was the perfect ending to a really rough day!! I opened it up and I'm in heaven!!! My kids (I have 5 at home) all went nuts smelling everything!!! My daughter spilled the pearls all over In my box.. So naturally I just threw them In the warmer and I have to say the snow kissed mittens and Christmas cookies mixed is amazing!! My kids say it's better than the previous company and my oldest made me promise to order him 4 different scents LOL! thank you so much Denise for the amazing 
opportunity!! and "my friend" for turning me on to it!!!"

- Steffany H.

"I just wanted to let you know I received and LOVE everything. The linen spray has such staying power!"

- Angie, USA Love List

"Funny stories about our linen spray.. Let me just say I'm obsessed with the island fresh(gain) linen spray! I sprayed my daughters bed and every morning she smells soooo good I literally hug her and sniff her for like ten minutes while she tries to eat her cereal! But also I was running late to work the other day and forgot to put on perfume.. But my beFragrant box was by the door so I quickly sprayed on some couture shop and it actually lasted all day unlike my expensive perfumes! And I got more compliments then I get with my $60 perfume!! I was so pleased to be able to say I sell the product that everyone was smelling! And yes it was the linen spray not the body spray that I used lol I grabbed what was on top, although I've used the body spray as well and it works just as great!"

- Chrissy M.

“I was just reminded today why beFragrant is such an amazing, up and coming candle company! beFragrant supports American farmers and stands by their products. It's a safe product and no worries about burning beFragrant candles and wax for this momma of two babies! beFragrant peeps!!!” 

- Amy M.

“I just want to give a HUGE Thumbs Up to Denise Petersen, Founder of BeFragrant! She is AWESOME to work with! 
Thank you Denise!”

- Carol S.

“I was at 'Director level' for a leading candle home party company for about 4 years. However, I separated from that company in 2012 and recently joined beFragrant and I LOVE it. beFragrant uses soy wax which promotes American farms and burns clean with little soot. It's also non-toxic and safe for children and pets. The prices are affordable 
and the beFragrant TARTS are the way to go!!!”
- Amy