A few years ago we made a commitment to ourselves and our family to find a safer alternative to home fragrance. We weren't happy with what we had readily available to us, when a well known room spray hit the walls and trim in our powder room and bubbled and peeled the paint.

We knew we had a significant mission, not only for safety for our lives and our home. We wanted to find home fragrance with value without the "fine print" warnings, without toxic fragrance oils, without petroleum based paraffin waxes, dyes and on and on. We also wanted a product made in the USA with all USA ingredients. We quickly learned that having SAFE home fragrances is important to many around us.

Not finding the right solution we got into the candle business. We were in the retail market for a number of years before opening the opportunity for others to benefit through the direct selling business plan.

We knew that taking this on, would mean HARD WORK, LONG HOURS, LOTS OF LEARNING, SIGNIFICANT INVESTMENT and PERSONAL DEDICATION, much different than the business platform we are familiar with.

Today it is an honor to offer a beautiful product line, with an optional opportunity for women, stay at home moms & dads and others who may not otherwise have the opportunity to build their own successful business. It's truly a privilege to have a part in helping others to attain their financial future and to us, this makes everything worth it. beFragrant now has consultants from New York to California, and, from Alaska to Florida.

We are in our 9th year and looking back over the years the best part has been hearing the fun stories of falling in love with the beFragrant products, and being able to work alongside many beautiful team members who have either joined as an Independent Consultant or a Scent Ambassador.

beFragrant has carefully selected the industry's finest fragrance oils to create an array of robust and realistic candle fragrances. The scent line-up includes the best of traditional elegance and the newest exciting fun and popular fragrances.

The product line-up includes:

  • Soy Wax Tarts
  • Soy Wax Melts
  • Soy Candles
  • Wax Warmers
  • Fragrance Mist, Room Spray, Linen Spray
  • Air Freshener Sachets
  • Children's line
  • Poo'Parfum - Poop Spray {yes we said that}

We hand pour fresh for each order melts, tarts, wickless candles and even include wicked candles for those that enjoy the ambiance of a flame.

beFragrant invites you to enjoy a different experience that can only come from fresh poured 100% pure soy wax combined with the best fragrance oils available. You can be confident that you are providing a safe healthy alternative fragrance for you, your family, and your home. Because we do not use additives or dyes beFragrant candles are a beautiful natural creamy color that blends perfectly with any decor.


  • Made from 100% pure USA grown soybeans, a renewable resource
  • Soy is a very clean burning wax with a beautiful scent throw
  • Soy candles burn longer than paraffin (petroleum) candles
  • Biodegradable and environmentally sensitive
  • Non-toxic, safe for children and pets
  • All natural wicks, no lead or zinc
  • Easily cleaned up with soap and water

A little message from the beFragrant Founder and Owner:

What you breathe should be something you can believe in, feel good about, loads of value, and fall in love with!  We wanted better for our lives, and we are honored to offer that same to you. 

About the opportunity we offer for you, what you do everyday should be something you LOVE, something you are passionate about, and something that brings you joy!  Without a doubt, beFragrant does this for me. I am daily humbled and brought to tears when I read compliments some have shared openly in groups and Facebook walls about beFragrant.

Maybe you want shopping money, vacation funds or a full time salary, whatever you want is possible with beFragrant. beFragrant is building great teams and I would love to help you get started today!

As the Founder and Owner of the Company, I personally invite you to contact me.