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Enjoy your soy wax melts in plug in warmers or full size warmers. The soy wax melt liquefies when they are heated filling your room or whole house with aroma.The melts are packaged in a clam shell container. Each box is divided into six 1" sections. To use, break off a square and place into your electric tart warmer.

  • 3 oz. 100% natural soy wax - Origin USA {25 + Hours/1/2 oz square}
  • Concentrated fragrance oil, natural and essential oil blends;
  • Phthalate Free - Free from animal testing - Origin USA


  • beFragrant wax is 100% natural soy wax without additives or paraffin which provides a clean, clear fragrance without the pungent wall of chemical scent that quickly fades away.
  • SCENT THROW COMES FROM LIQUEFIED WAX!  The maximum scent release is achieved when the wax is completely liquefied.
  • Not all warmer are the same. Bulbs from other warmers may need to be changed to a higher watt {as manufacturer allows}, to liquefy your beFragrant natural wax products to get the optimum results from your products.
  • Unlike a candle, the wax will remain behind after the fragrance has dispersed