Host a beFragrant Party and Enjoy the Rewards:

Enjoy and share your favorite beFragrant scents and take the opportunity to earn them for FREE! When you host a beFragrant party, you'll earn discounts and free beFragrant products on qualifying parties!

Who doesn't love amazing smells with the purest most realistic fragrances creating an amazing ambiance that is healthier for you and your home! Host a beFragrant party and have fun together with friends mixed with a lot of great smells!

Here's how easy this is! Your beFragrant Consultant will bring amazing beFragrant products and introduce beFragrant to your guests by sharing all the scent testers, the full line of products and the reasons beFragrant chooses to beDifferent! The next best part is turning everyone's wish lists into orders and figuring up your Hostess Rewards with your beFragrant consultant.

Who doesn't love FREE and half price product for having a PARTY?

Hostess Rewards Program

The Hostess earns free product and half off items once the minimum party sales volume exceeds $150.00. Hostess Rewards are based on the Party Total before sales tax and shipping charges. Combine & Saves are Excluded from Hostess Rewards

How do we PARTY?

let’s rock a great home party! The home party option is great for everyone! You provide the place and invite your amazing friends and family. We make it easy for you as a hostess! Your beFragrant consultant will absolutely take care of the rest!

or a basket party! Basket parties have become a very lucrative option for busy guests who can't make it to a planned party and allows you to reach out to more people. You simply bring the party to them! While it may not offer the full social experience of a home party, the beFragrant basket party is the perfect solution for busy guests and many others that you may not reach otherwise. Here's the deal! Your consultant will provide you with an amazing assortment of beFragrant product samples, wish lists, and the important details. You will have 10-14 days to share your basket party with as many people as you can at as many locations as you like. When you return the basket with completed wish lists your consultant will figure out your hostess rewards and take care of your ordering process.

or even a Facebook Party! Facebook has become a social media giant and not only can you use Facebook to market your business, now you can hold parties on Facebook! Invite your hostess and have her invite as many friends as she’d like, no limit, she doesn’t have to worry about fitting them all in her living room!