Our Story and Your Opportunity

A few years ago we made a commitment to ourselves and our family to find a safer alternative to home fragrance. We wanted home fragrance without all the warnings. Without, toxic fragrance oils, petroleum based paraffin wax, dyes, and lead wicks. We also wanted it made in the USA with all USA ingredients. We quickly learned that having SAFE home fragrances is important to many around us.

Not finding the right solution we got into the candle business. We were in the retail market for a number of years before opening the opportunity for others to benefit through the Direct Sales business plan. beGood to your lives, beYou and beLieve in opportunity, beCome more, beFragrant.

We are in our 5th year and looking back over the year the best part has been all the really wonderful people who have joined beFragrant. We have had fabulous response on our products, support and compensation plan.

beFragrant has carefully selected the industry's finest fragrance oils to create an array of robust and realistic candle fragrances. The scent line-up includes the best of traditional elegance and the newest exciting fun and popular fragrances. The product line-up includes Tarts, Melts, Wickless and Wicked Candles, Warmers, Body - Room - and Linen Sprays, Air Freshener Sachets, a Children's line, and our newest Poop Spray.

We hand pour fresh for each order melts, tarts, wickless candles and even include wicked candles for those that enjoy the ambiance of a flame.

beFragrant invites you to enjoy a different experience that can only come from fresh poured 100% pure soy wax combined with the best fragrance oils available. You can be confident that you are providing a safe healthy alternative fragrance for you, your family, and your home. Because we do not use additives or dyes beFragrant candles are a beautiful natural creamy color that blends perfectly with any decor.

Benefits of choosing SOY :

  • Made from 100% pure USA grown soybeans, a renewable resource
  • Soy is a very clean burning wax with a beautiful scent throw
  • Soy candles burn longer than paraffin (petroleum) candles
  • Biodegradable and environmentally sensitive
  • Non-toxic, safe for children and pets
  • All natural wicks, no lead or zinc
  • Easily cleaned up with soap and water

We would like to invite you to take a close look at beFragrant. Check out the constant chatter on our open Facebook group. Or take a look at the website or in the beFragrant WHAM folder. You might also enjoy reading the recent review from WHAM Reviews. We were honored to be included in the February edition of USA Love List after they requested products to review and loved them. I hope you like what you see and will consider the great opportunity we offer.

Join now {USA ONLY}

beFragrant is a Direct Sales company offering today's busy women and men a fabulous and fun career alternative. Are you ready to be in control of your future, your income level, and your schedule? Becoming a beFragrant Independent Consultant provides a business opportunity to achieve those goals!

There are no minimum sales requirements in beFragrant. We know that some of you may only want to sell to family and friends and earn a little extra money every month. That's great you are welcome here and do not have to achieve any sales quota to remain a beFragrant consultant.

You receive your website link is only $9.95/month. Your website link is an intuitive yet powerful marketing platform & analytics suite to help you manage, track, and grow your network.

We also know that some of you are super starts ready to build a business capable of creating real wealth for you and your future. beFragrant is the place to achieve any level of success you wish. It is all up to you. The beFragrant team is ready to back you up and support you personal achievement.

Are you ready to join the beFragrant Team? It is simple. After reading through the information and agreement, you'll Click the JOIN NOW As An Independent Consultant! link below to sign up.  You will also find both the Compensation Plan & the Consultant Agreement for your review and signature. We welcome any questions you may have and are ready to make sure you understand the beFragrant opportunity. If you have questions ask them in the note area of the form or just call your consultant for a personal response.

What we offer:

  • No Inventory requirements
  • No minimums sales requirements
  • Achievable, easy to understand Compensation Plan
  • Strong , bonuses, and royalties
  • Get paid your commission every week
  • Your own website with shopping cart and back office ($9.95/mo)
  • Earn Free Products
  • Earn Free Supplies
  • Choose Your Hours
  • Great Hostess Reward Program
  • Simple and affordable shipping
  • Low cost starter kits packed with everything you need for your first party

beFragrant is honored to offer an opportunity for women, stay at home moms & dads and others who may not otherwise have the opportunity to build their own successful business. It's truly a privilege to have a part in helping others to attain their financial future and to us, this makes everything worth it. We invite you to start living your dreams with this FUN, FLEXIBLE, REWARDING and LUCRATIVE beFragrant OPPORTUNITY.

We provide you with the TOOLS and SUPPORT you need to help you succeed personally, professionally and financially while enriching your lives and the lives you touch!

Shipping and handling 

United States $8.75 Flat Rate Shipping  $9.75 Alaska and Hawaii   *Excludes Puerto Rico

beFragrant Consultant Agreement

Congratulations and welcome to beFragrant. We are thrilled you are joining with us as a beFragrant Independent Consultant.

This agreement is a legal document that explains the relationship between beFragrant LLC and yourself as a beFragrant Independent Consultant. You should understand what you can expect from your Consultant relationship with beFragrant and what we expect in return.

This document explains your responsibilities and our responsibilities and will be guided by the terms, policies, and conditions outlined below.

A Little Bit About beFragrant

beFragrant is located in Boise Idaho where all our fragrance products are made for you and your customers in our own facility. All our wax fragrance products are made from pure 100% natural soy wax and premium body safe fragrance oils without the use of paraffin, dyes, additives or lead wicks. We hand pour and make fresh for every order, candles, melts, sprays and all the other fragrance products. We then package them, and send them off for you and your customers to enjoy. All product ingredients are made in the USA. We work very hard to make sure you get an exceptional long lasting, big, robust fragrance throw from every fragrance in the entire product line. We strive to keep beFragrant prices competitive to ensure the best value available anywhere. Simply put we sell a better product at a better price, who doesn't love that! You should have complete confidence in the quality, safety, and value of every beFragrant product. This is what you can expect from beFragrant.


It is understood that you are joining on your own free will and that you have read and understand this entire agreement. Once your completed application is accepted by beFragrant LLC you earn the right to market and sell all beFragrant products and to earn an income from your sales according to the beFragrant Compensation Plan. We encourage every consultant to take advantage of building and training their own downline team to maximize their business potential as a beFragrant Consultant.

In order to be eligible to join you must:

  • be at least 18 years of age
  • be a legal citizen of the United States
  • have a valid social security number and or a US Tax ID number

Referral Program

beFragrant LLC is constantly promoting the beFragrant brand and business and recruiting new Consultants through the company website, email campaigns, Facebook, twitter, internet forums etc. As new leads become available, beFragrant LLC will refer leads and place new Consultants into your beFragrant team based on the following criteria. In order to qualify for the referral program you must achieve the title of a Pearl Consultant or higher. You must be in good standing with beFragrant LLC and you must have a beFragrant personal website. All lead referrals and Consultant placements will be based on geographic proximity of the Consultant and the referral. beFragrant reserves the right for final Consultant placement decisions. beFragrant also receives request to purchase product, host parties and learn more information about the products and opportunity. beFragrant LLC will refer these opportunities to Consultants through the back office website based on the same eligibility requirements and guidelines as listed above.


beFragrant reserves the right to terminate any Consultant who violates this agreement. If a consultant is found in violation of this agreement beFragrant will contact the consultant and make prudent effort to resolve any issues, however, if necessary to protect the beFragrant program and only after prudent effort to resolve the problem, beFragrant will at its sole discretion terminate the beFragrant Independent Consultant relationship. You also maintain the right to terminate the relationship for any reason at anytime. Upon termination you lose all rights to promote market and sell beFragrant products, and can no longer use or represent the beFragrant name. You will also loose any right to future bonus and royalty from your downline team. You will be paid any bonus and royalty earnings up to the day of termination.

The Rules

It is understood by both parties that you as an Independent Consultant for beFragrant are acting as an independent contractor. This means you are your own boss, you set your own schedule, you pay your own expenses, you are in charge of your own destiny, and you are responsible to pay your state and federal taxes for your business. You understand that you are not an employee, legal representative or partner of beFragrant LLC. You further understand that you are not authorized to represent yourself as such and you are not allowed to incur any debt on the company's behalf.

Even though as a beFragrant Consultant you are your own business we ask that you agree to respect and uphold Federal, State, City law, and even HOA ordinances. We expect all beFragrant Independent Consultants to be respectful and act with honesty and integrity with your customers, the law, your friends and neighbors, and all of the beFragrant team.

This agreement is a legally binding document between beFragrant LLC and yourself and is not transferable.

beFragrant reserves the right to change and update this agreement, its terms, policies, and procedures, and the compensation plan as may be needed from time to time. You will be notified of any changes made to these agreements and you have the right to disagree and cancel your Consultant relationship.

The Starter Kit is optional to you as you begin your beFragrant business.  A Starter Kit provides you a good sample of the products and fragrances that you can now offer to your customers. There is nothing like being able to see it, touch it, and smell it.

Commission, Bonus, and Royalty

As an Independent Consultant you have the right to market and sell beFragrant products. You earn a commission on all retail sales. There are no minimum sales levels required to remain a beFragrant Consultant. Further you are eligible to earn bonus and royalty as outlined in "The beFragrant Compensation Plan", a separate document. Commissions are earned on retail product sales and are paid every Wednesday. There is no commission paid on your starter kit, consultant tools and supplies, hostess rewards, shipping, or sales tax. Bonus and royalty earned will be paid by the 10th of every month for earnings on the prior months sales. You understand that you must be in good standing and not in violation of the terms, policies, and procedures outlined in this document to be eligible for payment of bonus and royalty.

Sales Tax

You are responsible to collect any applicable sales tax at the time of the sale of any beFragrant products. The tax is based on the retail sales value and the local tax rate of the ship to address for the sales order. You will remit the collected tax to beFragrant and we will make the filing and pay the tax to the proper taxing authority.

Tax Exempt Status

Some fundraisers will fall under a tax exempt status. This is a special situation and requires documentation presented to beFragrant for approval prior to accepting the fundraiser campaign. Contact beFragrant for assistance with this issue at (877) 267-2894.

Income Tax

It is clearly understood that as a beFragrant Consultant you are acting as an Independent Contractor. As such you will not be treated as an employee for federal or state tax consideration. Each year beFragrant will issue an IRS form 1099 for bonus and royalty earnings and incentive awards for all Consultants earning $600 or more.


beFragrant does not charge a handling fee. Shipping of any order will leave our production facility within a maximum of 10 days from the date you close the order except in the case of a back order. We work very hard to get most orders out within just a few days. Tracking information is provided to you in your back office, email, and other smart devices. beFragrant reserves the right to delay shipping orders on Thursday and Friday during hot weather conditions to manage the possibility of the shipment being held in a hot truck or warehouse over weekends and holidays.

United States 
$8.75 Flat Rate Shipping  $9.75 Alaska and Hawaii   *Excludes Puerto Rico

Order Submissions

We encourage you to submit orders as soon as possible after your sale or party. This allows us to make you look good with fast delivery. Remember that we hand pour wax fresh for your order and it must cure prior to shipping. No order is accepted without full payment of product, sales tax, and shipping fees.

Back Orders

beFragrant has controls in place to minimize back orders by monitoring inventory and receiving alerts when inventories reach established minimums. Products that are back ordered will immediately be temporarily removed from all beFragrant personal websites to further reduce back order occurrence. This is a big reason to have a beFragrant personal web site. When a product is ordered that is out of inventory it becomes a back order and you will be notified immediately so you can let your customer know of the potential delay in delivery. As a point of information nearly all back orders occur on warmers which are shipped from China!

Hostess Awards program

The Hostess of your party earns free product and half off items once the minimum Party Sales Volume exceeds $150.

Hostess Rewards are based on the Party total before your Hostess Rewards products are included to your total. Hostess Rewards are non commission-able items and must be shipped with the Party order. 50% off items earned for new bookings may be claimed at the time the newly booked party is held.

beFragrant Compensation Plan

Easy & Simple

beFragrant compensation plan has made it possible to earn on your downline team. The beFragrant compensation plan incorporates five different titles, and pays through five levels in a modified unilevel compensation plan format.

There are three basic ways you can earn from the beFragrant Compensation Plan:

  • Commissions on your personal sales qualifying volume
  • Bonuses from the sales volume of your downline team members
  • Royalties from your entire downline teams group volume

The plan is designed to promote working together providing incentive to coach and support each others success. beFragrant is committed to creating an environment that builds and promotes leaders capable of managing large teams with huge earnings potential.

We have worked hard to make the compensation plan easy to understand and easy to explain to your potential new team members. We have also worked hard to make sure the plan is achievable. beFragrant understands that some consultants will be happy selling to family and friends and have no intentions of building a big downline team. That is why there is no minimum sales requirements to remain a beFragrant Consultant. Everyone is welcome here.

We also understand some of you are ready to make your beFragrant business a career that can provide more income than nearly any 9 to 5 job. And we are certain there are a few of you who are willing to put in the work to become beFragrant super stars. The beFragrant compensation plan is designed to allow you to achieve whatever level of success you choose. Will you be one of beFragrants next superstars?

**To qualify for full payout as a Ruby Consultant you must have at least 2 personally sponsored 
consultants who have achieved the Topaz title and maintained PQV & GQV for at least one of the last two commission periods.

***To qualify for full payout as a Diamond Consultant you must have at least 3 personally sponsored consultants who have achieved the Ruby title and maintained PQV & GQV for at least one of the last two commission periods.

PQV Personal Qualifying Volume / mo
GQV Group Qualifying Volume / mo
QCT Qualifying Consultant Team (number in downline)

The Five Title Levels Are:

Everyone starts as a Consultant and as such you earn 25% commission on all your personal sales volume

Pearl Consultant

To achieve the Pearl title you must have two personally recruited consultants on your team and exceed $500 in lifetime personal sales volume

Topaz Consultant

To achieve the Topaz title you must meet the requirement of the Pearl title and build and maintain your downline team to a minimum of two levels deep with at least four consultants on your team

Ruby Consultant

To achieve the Ruby title you must meet the requirement of the Topaz title and build you team a minimum of three levels deep with a minimum of eight consultants on your team

Diamond Consultant

To achieve the Diamond title you must meet the requirements of the Ruby title and have built a team four levels deep with at least 16 consultants and have three of your team members who have achieved the Ruby title

Once a title is earned you keep it for as long as you remain a beFragrant consultant or until you advance in title. Your bonus and royalty payments are based on title AND meeting the required minimum sales volume as listed in the compensation chart.

You can have as many consultants on your front line as you want.

Yes I am ready to sign up! I understand and agree to the above terms and conditions.

Membership - $9.95 / Month

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