Thank you for considering beFragrant for your fundraising event! We are confident in our program. We have worked hard to put together a fun, easy program that can earn your organization some serious “scents”.

The basics to a successful fundraiser are to provide a fantastic product that has real value and sells itself. We know that we can make that happen for your organization.

Program Highlights:

  • Wonderfully fragrant candles, melts, and sprays made with the finest, safe and natural, USA made ingredients. The SOY wax we choose is 100% USA farm grown, FDA approved, and Kosher certified. Our fragrance oils and spray bases are all made from body safe ingredients.
  • Instant Profit to you organization. You keep 40% of your fundraising sales and send us the balance to process & ship your Master Order. You have instant access to your profits!
  • Fast Delivery for satisfied customers who will feel good about the value they receive while supporting your organization.
  • We offer a fine balance of a simple selection yet enough variety that every person will want something that you are selling (or maybe they will want everything). beFragrant fundraiser products include beFragrant 8oz wicked 100% soy Mason Jar and Travel Tin candles. For the wickless option we offer Soy melts (6 - 1/2 ounce squares per package). We also offer our popular line of Room Sprays. All items are available in 10 fun and exciting fragrances.

The program works like this:

  • We send you selling kits that include a simple order form to collect the needed information from each sale (product sold, amount collected, buyers name and contact info for delivery). The order form will also include who checks are made to, how long it will be before they receive their purchase, and how they will get their product.
  • The selling kit also includes a simple brochure that illustrates and describes the products and fragrances. It details the beFragrant product benefits. And, it provides the customer information that 40% of each dollar they spend on your fundraiser goes directly back to your organization.
  • Your fundraising chairperson will receive a Master Order Form. This form will be filled out to consolidate all the individual order forms into the order you will place with beFragrant. This form will provide you with the total amount that your fundraising event made for your organization. It will also provide you the total proceeds that you will send to beFragrant with the Master Order Form for processing and shipping. This form will also have a place to calculate sales tax if applicable.
  • It is the responsibility of your organization to determine any tax consequences from the sale of your fundraising event. We suggest that you contact your State Revenue Department to determine if sales or other taxes are applicable, and to determine or confirm your tax exemption status. It is also the responsibility of your organization to collect and remit whatever taxes may be due in your area as a result of your fundraising event.
  • beFragrant suggest that you determine a definite start and end date for your fundraiser. You can run the event as long as you want however beFragrant suggests that two to three weeks is the most common and most productive time frame for most organizations. Any fundraiser that runs over two weeks must close out all orders every two weeks and place the order with beFragrant. This is to ensure timely delivery to your customers.
  • Delivery of your order will be made to one location for your distribution to your supporters. The average delivery time is two weeks from beFragrant receiving your completed Master Order Form and payment. For your convenience shipping and handling cost are included in the price of the candles, melts, and sprays.
  • Checks written for payment by your supporters should be made out to your organization. You will collect all proceeds, deduct your fundraiser profits, and then write one check to beFragrant for the total as calculated on the Master Order Form.
  • The beFragrant Fundraiser Program offers your organization instant access to your 40% profit on the total from your fundraising event. You collect the sales proceeds at the time of the sale, keep your part and send us the balance - It is that simple!

Product Pricing

How Much Can Our Fundraiser Make?

Of course this is completely up to you and the excitement you can generate with your fundraiser. We will share our experience and provide all the support we can to help you reach your goals.

Here are a couple of charts that bring to life the unlimited possibilities of a well run fundraiser.